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Our Mission is to create a golf experience using technology to help maximize enjoyment of the game no matter what skill level.



Did you know that 78% of employees are more likely to stay in their current job with lower comp for convenient employee benefits this year? 60% of employees are seeking new jobs with more attractive employee perks in 2019. Organizations can ignore the inevitable or they can reevaluate the traditional workplace and make adjustments to attract and retain young talent. The most forward-thinking businesses are turning their focus to employee engagement perks that build employee bonds.


Employers are losing an estimated 225.8 billion this year because of employee stress and other mental health conditions. Studies show that employees that are engaged in physical and mental wellness are more productive at work. Just 20 minutes of standing activity can undo the damage of sitting at a desk! Golf is proven to enhance mental and physical stimulation as well as be a helpful tool in stress management. It also improves employees likelihood to view and recommend their company as a good place to work!


If you are seeking to cater to millennials then having a perk in place that is physically active, exciting, and competitive is essential for team building and overall employee satisfaction. Our stations are all inclusive – We bring the equipment, the expertise and the fun! Experience DailyTGolf without having to step outside the office. Our services include individual and group lessons, free play on our simulators, happy hours and events. We bring our highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors to you who will guarantee improvement for players of any level.


  • The latest research shows that highly engaged organizations have 21% higher profitability than their peers.
  • Engaged employees are more likely to work diligently supercharging productivity. In fact, research shows that engaged employees are 17% more productive than their peers. 
  • 46% of employees would accept another job offer if the opportunity arose. When employees are engaged, they stick around. Employees don’t leave when they care about the success of the organization and they are appropriately challenged by their work.
  • Engaged employees are firmly committed to their organization’s mission, and they’re going to arrive every day with the intention make sure it gets done. In fact, highly engaged workplaces saw 41% lower absenteeism.


Team building is crucial for employee engagement and healthy organization. The bonding of staff members can’t flourish in the confines of the office. Team building activities are very effective in creating better bonds between co-workers. They get a chance to know each other in an informal setting and this will consequently bind the employees with the organization. Socializing in the workplace is one of the driving forces for people to stay engaged. If the work environment is friendly and welcoming, it will encourage employees to stay at work and the result will be increased productivity and greater revenue.